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    Muay Thai Combat Shop is the leading provider of martial arts and sports equipment for gyms and martial arts store that offers to everyone the opportunity to buy thai boxing clothing.

    In our website you will find the best well-known brand names: Twins Special gloves, Yokkao boxing gloves, Leone boxing gloves, Raja Boxing, Venum MMA shorts , Twins Special thai boxing shorts and Yokkao muay thai boxing shorts.

    All thai boxing clothing and martial arts equipment is already in the European community and you won't pay any customs duties for your purchases on our websit, not like when you buy from foreign websites.

    Muay Thai Combat Shop is the martial arts store able to offer thai boxing clothing for immediately delivery, all the most famous brand names in the world such as Twins SpecialYokkao BoxingRaja Boxing and Venum Fight.

    In our martial arts store  Muay Thai Combat Shop you can find a wide range of boxing gloves and muay thai boxing gloves because we want to give more choices to our customer who have always bought the usual boxing gloves in other stores.


    The usual martial arts stores are very often unable to provide what you request but from now all your desires will be fullfilled: in our store you will find the thai boxing equipment and muay thai boxing clothing that you won't find anywhere else.


*** Yokkao 8 Highlight Online ***


Don't lose the amazing fights of Yokkao 8 held in Bolton - Manchester on the 8th March 2014.





Yokkao Boxing

Yokkao Boxing muay thai boxing gloves @ Yokkao Extreme

Yokkao Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

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New Yokkao Muay Thai boxing gloves collection.

Phoenix Yokkao Boxing Muay Thai gloves Yokkao Thai Flag gloves Muay Thai Yokkao Boxing gloves

 Yokkao Muay Thai Gloves Dzhabar Askerov



 Yokkao Boxing Thai Flag gloves Saenchai Sinbimuaythai



Yokkao Boxing Gloves Buakaw Por. Pramuk




Yokkao Boxing Butterfly muay thai gloves Yokkao competition boxing gloves Yokkao Italian Flag muay thai gloves

 Yokkao Butterfly Muay Thai boxing gloves



Yokkao Boxing lace up Muay Thai gloves




Yokkao Italian Flag Muay Thai gloves



Yokkao Boxing T-shirt

Yokkao Boxing t-shirts

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New Yokkao Boxing Muay Thai and MMA t-shirts

T-shirt Yokkao muay thai T-shirt Yokkao Dog Cage Yokkao PRO t-shirt

 T-shirt Yokkao Fight Team



Yokkao Dog Cage T-shirt




Yokkao Boxing PRO T-shirt



T-shirt Yokkao Boxing


Yokkao Boxing King Power T-shirt






Yokkao muay tahi boxing shorts Saenchai and Sudsakorn

Yokkao Muay Thai boxing shorts

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New Yokkao Muay Thai boxing shorts completely handmade in Thailand. 


Yokkao Extreme Buakaw shorts Yokkao Dzhabar Askerov shorts Yokkao shorts Sudsakorn

Buakaw Por. Pramuk shorts



Dzhabar Askerov Yokkao shorts



Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee muay thai boxing shorts



Black carbon Buakaw shorts Orange Carbon muay thai shorts Muay thai Yokkao Boxing shorts

 Black Carbon Yokkao shorts



Orange Carbon Muay Thai  boxing shorts



Yokkao Boxing Muay Thai shorts






Twins Special

Twins Special Muay Thai boxing gloves

Twins Special Muay Thai boxing gloves are completely handmade in Thailand, the original country of Muay Thai.

Twins Special offers Muay Thai boxing equipment and gear recognized as a world leader by all the professionals Muay Thai fighters.

Using Twins Special boxing gloves you won't just find the absolute comfort, but you can develop your Muay Thai training  without trauma which would lead to a period of inactivity.

It 's very important to usehigh quality  Muay Thai boxing gloves or kick boxing gloves that allow a pure training.

By the way the fighter must focus in training Muay Thai and not to get hurt.

Among Twins Special Muay Thai boxing Gloves the bestseller gloves for Muay Thai boxing are the Dragon model the Lumpinee Stadium, the same model worn by Muay Thai champions during Muay Thai fights at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok.

Leone 1947

Leone boxing gloves - Kick Boxing Leone thai boxing gloves

Leone kick boxing gloves are the most famous Italian boxing gloves branded Leone 1947, made in leather and used as thai boxing, kick boxing gloves and boxing gloves.

Use a pair of Leone boxing gloves will seem to breathe the Italian boxing scene than once, when Leone was 1947 brand for all boxers. In Italy who has been a professional boxer has definitely worn Leone boxing gloves at least once.


Venum Fight

MMA shop - MMA venum shorts

We are glad to present you the first MMA store with all the MMA mixed martial arts equipment and gear from the best brands imported directly from the United States and Brazil: UFC, Venum, Bad Boy, Hayabusa and Shock Doctor.

MMA (Mixed Martila Arts) is a discipline that in recent times has been developing more and more in Europe, after the overwhelming boom in the United States had a couple of years ago. That 's why we have selected for you the latest MMA and Submission shorts of Venum Fight brand imported directly from Brazil.

In the preview you will find all the new MMA shorts, Submission, Mixed Martial Arts and Valetudo gear 2012 collection.


Venum Amazonia 4.0 shorts
Venum Amazonia 4.0 shorts  MMA Venum Sharps shorts 

Venum Amazonia 4.0 MMA shorts



Venum Amazonia 4.0 shorts




MMA Venum Sharp shorts


€ 59,50

Venum Fight All Flags shorts  Legalize MMA Venum shorts  Jose Aldo Signature Venum shorts 

Venum MMA shorts All Flags 


€ 55,40

Legalize MMA Venum shorts


€ 55,40


Jose Aldo Signature MMA shorts


€ 59,50