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Yokkao and Stefania Picelli sign a multi-year contract with Supershowdown to held Yokkao events in UK!

Liam Harrison vs Houcine Bennoui at YOKKAO 8
Liam Harrison vs Houcine Bennoui at YOKKAO 8

It’s official: Yokkao, Stefania Picelli and Brian Calder, Supershowdown promoter, just signed a multi-year agreement that will ensure two big events per year in UK with Yokkao Boxing and Yokkao fighters.

Stefania Picelli and Brian Calder
Stefania Picelli and Brian Calder

The undisputed success of Supershowdown presents #YOKKAO8 which saw a sold out on March 8 at the Reebok Stadium, made it clear to Stefania and Brian that England deserved more than one event per year.

After 10 days from the previous show, Brian Calder and Stefania Picelli have established the guidelines for what will be the largest series of Muay Thai events that UK has ever had.

Here are the statements of the two promoters:

Stefania Picelli: “The success of March 8 could not go unnoticed. The partnership signed with Brian Calder will give the possibility to UK Yokkao fans to have really unforgettable Muay Thai events. We will involve our best fighters to raise the level of Muay Thai as no one had ever done before. The passion that binds Brian Calder to the Muay Thai has made possible this wonderful agreement with Yokkao Boxing that will surely discover new fighters. To be honest, we have already some of them under observation .. .”

Brian Calder: “I have worked many years to bring Muay Thai to a higher level in England and I’m pleased to be recognized as the best in the UK by an organization such as Yokkao Boxing. The partnership with Stefania Picelli and Yokkao will allow the Muay Thai to reach the highest level in the UK. Fighters deserve it and I’m sure that they will commit much to meet the expectations.”

It seems that the two promoters are already defining a thrilled fight card for the next event confirmed for October 2014 at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton, more information coming soon … stay tuned!

Yokkao UK and Thai Flag 2 gloves
Yokkao UK and Thai Flag 2 gloves

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