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YOKKAO 9 results: Thailand draws 2-2 with China!

Yokkao 9 China
Yokkao 9 China

After the triumph of YOKKAO 8 in England, this past Saturday the 24th of May, YOKKAO 9 rewrote the pages of history for ring sports in China. The enormous crowd of YOKKAO 9 at the football stadium of Xinyang was attended by more than 10,000 fans who came from all over the various regions of China to be part of history. Stefania Picelli said,” Two weeks before the event, the first location was sold out, so after ticket orders continued

Deng Ze Qi vs Philaphaeng Walchart (Thailand)
Deng Ze Qi vs Philaphaeng Walchart (Thailand)

to arrive, our Chinese counterparts suggested us the large football stadium of Xinyang and we made the plunge to the outdoor. This has been the first event of Muay Thai & K-1 rules ever to be held in a Chinese football stadium. The four days before the fight there were big storms in China but the day of the event the skies cleared giving way to the thousands of fans and confirming that YOKKAO is the most desired event of Muay Thai and K-1 rules.”

Thailand draws 2-2 with China with Sudsakorn and Runmai’s wins over Yi Long and Ji Wenhao while Ekapop and Imwiset losses by points.

The night began with the Brazilian Gustavo Ferreira who lost by points against Zhou Tao. Soon after the match between Thai fighter Philaphaeng Walchart against Deng Ze Qi where as the bell sounded at the end of the third

Repairing from bottles of water
Repairing from bottles of water

round a series of blows blew up the battle between the two with Deng Qi Ze’s strikes a last response. The referee wasn’t able to stop the two, soon after one water bottle flew followed five seconds later by a rain of bottles that literally down poured into the ring. The police and army intervened to reinstate peace, present at the event in the form of security acted just in time in the moments of true panic that grazed on utter catastrophe.

Soon after the two fighters returned to the ring humbly apologizing to the public at large. Apology accepted.

Following the Chinese fighter Xi Guo Chuang took on the Frenchman Kamel Mezatani with Chuang winning by TKO after Mezatani was counted out three times.

Igor Klimovich suffered his Muay Thai setting and was unable to defend against the onslaught of combinations under K-1 rules with points against in all three rounds.

Runmain Mo Tammachat marked the first victory for Yokkao Thai Fight Team with a incredible flying knee to the face

Runmai Mo Tammachat in action at YOKKAO 9
Runmai Mo Tammachat in action at YOKKAO 9

of Ji Wenhao, the Chinese team had to throw in the towel with Runmai winning by TKO.

Ekapop Sor Klinmee found a good boxer that finally got him into trouble in the ring with his first Yokkao defeat in sometime losing by points to a Chinese fighter.

After came the spectacular entrance choreographed alongside 6 dancers by Calogero Palmeri who fought against Yang Zhou. A balanced match but one that saw more precise and powerful shots by the Chinese fighter Yang Zhou. Victory went to Zhou by points.

Time to bring Imwiset Pornnarai to the stage that came in wearing the “Iron Man” mask, fighting against Qui Jianliang who is coached by none other than the Team at Mejiro Gym Amsterdam, in this occasion China took all.

A great embarassment for Imwiset against the perfected combinations of Muay Thai with Dutch style. Jienliang went out with powerful returns and full volley of arms, Imwiset tested with the elbow but could not connect the right distance. This is not the last time we will hear of this Chinese fighter.

Imwiset Pornnarai vs Qui Jianliang
Imwiset Pornnarai vs Qui Jianliang

N’Daye Carl entered the ring against Fang Bian, a Chinese all star who has won a series of great victories. In the fight Carl also suffered from the K-1 rules and the lack of elbows leaving the door open for Fang Bian’s devastating punches leading to win by points.

Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee and Yi Long, the long waited fight of two Titans came into the ring with two choreographed entrances worthy of what is being called the match of the year whose discussions ring the world round.

Sudsakorn dominated throughout without a shadow of a doubt against Yi Long with a sever volley of punches whose

N'Daye Carl in action at YOKKAO 9
N’Daye Carl in action at YOKKAO 9

hits landed many points. The win by points came from Chinese judges so as to extinguish any false claims that Sudsakorn had won from biased Thai judges, Yokkao events are official, unbiased and bring the rightful winner to the table and at this the main event of Yokkao 9, Sudsakorn was declared the winner.

A side note, one day following the event a false report began circulating online for a decision to be revisited. This did not come from YOKKAO BOXING and we do not know where these falsehoods came from, if such were the case, it would have been declared a draw. To reassure fans from this news spreading like wildfire, Yokkao’s Facebook officially declared the verdict publically that Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee won the event and this victory stands.

Yokkao 9, another for the history books.

*** YOKKAO 9 Risultati ***
Saturday 24th May – Xinyang Stadium (China)

Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee (Thailand) won by points vs Yi Long (China)

Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee vs Yi Long at YOKKAO 9
Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee vs Yi Long at YOKKAO 9

-72kg K-1 rules 3×3

N’Diaye Carl (France) lost by points vs Fang Bian (China)
-80kg K-1 rules 3×3

Qiu Jianliang (China) won by points vs Imwiset Pornnarai (Thailand)
-67kg Muay Thai Full Rules 3×3

Calogero Palmeri (Italy) lost by points vs Yang Zhou (China)
-67kg K-1 rules 3×3

Ekapop Sor Klinmee (Thailand) lost by points vs Nu Er La (China)
-80kg K-1 rules 3×3

Runmai Mo Tammachat (Thailand) won by TKO (corner stoppage) vs Ji Wenhao (China)

Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee wins vs Yi Long at YOKKAO 9
Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee wins vs Yi Long at YOKKAO 9

-58kg Muay Thai Full Rules 3×3

Igor Klimovich (Belarus) lost by points vs Li Ning (China)
-60kg K-1 rules 3×3

Kamel Meztani (France) lost by TKO (referee stoppage) Guo Xi Chuang (China)
-74kg K-1 rules 3×3

Philaphaeng Walchart (Thailand) lost by points vs Deng Ze Qi (China) ***Pakorn injured
-65kg Muay Thai Full Rules 3×3

Gustavo Ferreira De Oliveira Mendes (Brazil) lost by points vs Zhou Tao (China)
-70kg K-1 rules 3×3

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