Written by Phil Il April - 17 - 2014
nuvolari sport yokkao muay thai

It’s official: Stefania Picelli, CEO of Muay Thai Combat and promoter of Yokkao events, signed with the LT Group Multimedia, publisher of television channels Nuovalari, Alice, Marcopolo and Leonardo, the contract that will ensure the airing of Muay Thai and kickboxing events of Yokkao on the italian channel Nuvolari Sport. From April 20, 2014 the […]

Written by Phil Il March - 21 - 2014
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It’s official: Yokkao, Stefania Picelli and Brian Calder, Supershowdown promoter, just signed a multi-year agreement that will ensure two big events per year in UK with Yokkao Boxing and Yokkao fighters. The undisputed success of Supershowdown presents #YOKKAO8 which saw a sold out on March 8 at the Reebok Stadium, made it clear to Stefania […]

Written by Phil Il March - 10 - 2014
yokkao 8 muay thai england

Yokkao 8 broke into England with an unprecedented success: a non-stop Action event that sent the fans who came from all over England crazy in the Reebok Stadium on Saturday night at an evening’s historic occasion defined by Stefania Picelli on facebook as, “one of the most beautiful events ever promoted before.” At 15:30 the […]

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Written by Phil Il March - 8 - 2014
reece mcallister vs tim thomas yokkao 8

The fighters are ready for Supershowdown presents YOKKAO 8,  the biggest Muay Thai show that UK has ever seen before. Below the weigh-in results: Liam Harrison vs Houcine Bennoui (65 kg) Liam Harrison 65,3kg Houcine Bennoui 65,00kg ———————– Dean James vs Rungravee Sasiprapa (57kg) Dean James 58,5kg Rungravee Sasiprapa 59,1kg ———————– Panicos Yusuf vs Rittuak […]

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Written by Phil Il February - 26 - 2014
pakorn muay thai gym yokkao

Now online video training with Pakorn PK SaenchaiMuayThaiGym for Supershowdown presents YOKKAO 8, the 8th Yokkao event to be held on March 8 in Bolton, England. In the video, Pakorn a determined victor sends a message to Greg Wootton in defiance saying, “I have seen some of his fights on Youtube, he is a great […]

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Written by Phil Il February - 26 - 2014
saenchai yokkao 7 muaythai combat

Now online the video highlights of Yokkao 7, the seventh success of the Yokkao Boxing brand promoted by Stefania Picelli: Saenchai vs Victor Nagbe, Suedam Kauanjai (new entry Yokkao Fight Team), Samuel Andoche with spectacular kicks, Lommanee “Killer Elbow” Sor Hirun the latest female fighter entry to the Yokkao Fight Team, Imwiset Pornnarai with 6 […]

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Written by Phil Il February - 26 - 2014
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A new shop of Muay Thai Combat was inaugurated yesterday in Sao Paulo (Brazil): over 70 square metres with the best and most popular martial arts equipment including top fight brands Yokkao Boxing, Twins Special, Hayabusa, Venum Fight and Bad Boy to name a few. Sao Paulo is one of the most populated cities in […]

Written by Phil Il February - 24 - 2014
Kamen Picken (England)

The number seven reflects perfect equilibrium, just what was held last night in Pattaya at Muay Thai Combat Mania Yokkao 7. The seventh event by YOKKAO promoted by Stefania Picelli gave the public a extremely balanced fighter matchmaking series, along with all star Thai fighters, fighters representing everywhere: France, USA, Italy, England, Australi and Uganda. […]

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Written by Phil Il February - 19 - 2014
muay thai combat mania yokkao 7

At 10:30 am, the staff of Yokkao Boxing proceeded to a pre-weight control to Umar Semata with the balance marking 70.4 kg, 3.4 kg more than the agreed weight of 67kg set for the fight against Imwiset Pornnarai. Umar Semata went racing to the sauna and managed to reach 67.4, the same weight as recorded […]

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Written by Phil Il February - 18 - 2014
muay thai combat yokkao 7 weigh in

Fighters ready for battle: Saenchai projected to win the famous KO bonus in the main event by a knockout, Ekapop Sor Klinmee in full power training with Phol at Sityodtong Yokkao Training Center, Suedam Kauanjai under more pressure than ever to fight for entry into the prestigious Yokkao Fight Team by winning vs Naimjon Tuhktoboev, […]

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