muay thai vs kung fu shaolin

Sudsakorn against the Shaolin Monk Yi Long at YOKKAO 9!

Muay Thai vs Shaolin Kung Fu at YOKKAO 9
Muay Thai vs Shaolin Kung Fu at YOKKAO 9

Yokkao Boxing and Stefania Picelli, promoter of Yokkao events, confirms the upcoming revolutionary match between two legends of martial arts: Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee will face off against the Shaolin Monk Yi Long in the main event of YOKKAO 9 in China on Saturday, May 24 – 2014 at Xinyang.

The news is doing it’s rounds across the world: Muay Thai against Shaolin Kung Fu, Thailand vs China, a fiery challenge that will for the first time pull all stops and determine which is the best discipline of combat once and for all.

Thus explaining why the event naturally chose the city of Xinyang in Henan province, the parent city of the Shaolin Monastery where training takes place with strictl vigilance everyday without recess.

As an ancient proverb of Shaolin states:
“Who loses one day of kung-fu, loses ten days of Kung Fu.”

In the Shaolin discipline, the martial art prefers the execution of attacks and defenses with maximum force and speed. In what the Chinese promoter previously stated; Monk Yi Long is beyond the feel of pain when receiving punches and kicks. Something that we are skeptical in hearing, we shall see how he handles a middle or low kick of Sudsakorn 🙂

The fact is, Yi Long is a real star in China racking up several victories with a recent KO against Petchnumchai of the Thai FA Group. In the ring, nothing is ever taken for granted, and this proof stands.

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