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Official News: Sitsongpeenong Camp become Yokkao Training Center!

Kem Sitsongpeenong sponsored by Yokkao in allenamento

The news was already posted on Twitter by Yokkao Boxing yesterday ( and has been released today as official news on Facebook (

Sitsongpeenong Camp Yokkao Training Center

the well-known Sitsongpeenong Camp in Bangkok has entering “Yokkao Training Center” circuit, the most famous Muay Thai Camp fully furnished with Yokkao Boxing equipment, the best that you can find right now.

After the 13 Coins, the historical Sityodtong Camp, Sor. Klinmee Gym, Por. Pramuk Gym, the famous Muay Thai Combat Gym (Republic of San Marino), De Gym Milan in Italy and the new Banchamek Gym, Yokkao could not miss Sitsongpeenong Camp, one of the most popular Muay Thai Camp in Thailand.

Situated in Bangkok, Sitsongpeenong Camp is only 20 minutes far from the airport and just 30 minutes from the center.

Sittichai e Kem Sitsongpeenong durante le riprese del nuovo video Yokkao

Indoors you can find two rings and other 10 Yokkao Boxing heavy bags all in orange color as Sitsognpeenong’ logo.

All-inclusive packages will give you the possibility to train and stay at the Camp.

In the last years Sitsongpeenong Camp has become a mandatory destination for people wishing to train SERIOUSLY, recording sold out during peak season.

With champions such as Kem Sitsongpeenong, the young Sittichai and trainers as Molit Sitphodaeng, best Trainer of the Year 2010 in Thailand and Pairojnoi, it’s easy to understand what kind of Muay Thai Camp we’re talking about: regular wake-up at 5.00 am, running at 5.30 am, kicking pads and bags work-out, food, rest and then start again for afternoon session from 3 p.m….the real training Made in Thailand.

Attrezzatura Yokkao @ Sitsongpeenong Camp

Due the agreement signed between Yokkao Boxing and Sitspongpeenong Camp, you will be able to book soon your training directly through Muay Thai Combat Fighter Agency Department (

The lucky ones who book in time, will have the chance to train at Muay Thai Combat Camp with Kem Sitsongpeenong, the first training Camp in the world where you will have the opportunity to train with the most popular fighters from the 2nd June to the 14th July 2012.

Kem Sitsongpeenong will take his first seminar in Europe @ Muay Thai Combat Camp in the Republic of San Marino.

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Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee sponsored by Yokkao Seminar

*** MUAY THAI COMBAT CAMP sponsored by Yokkao & Asset Banca ***

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Muay Thai Combat Camp sponsored by Yokkao & Asset Banca



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