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Written by Phil Il March - 21 - 2014
yokkao muay thai combat england

It’s official: Yokkao, Stefania Picelli and Brian Calder, Supershowdown promoter, just signed a multi-year agreement that will ensure two big events per year in UK with Yokkao Boxing and Yokkao fighters. The undisputed success of Supershowdown presents #YOKKAO8 which saw a sold out on March 8 at the Reebok Stadium, made it clear to Stefania […]

Written by Phil Il February - 26 - 2014
muay thai combat brasile yokkao boxing

A new shop of Muay Thai Combat was inaugurated yesterday in Sao Paulo (Brazil): over 70 square metres with the best and most popular martial arts equipment including top fight brands Yokkao Boxing, Twins Special, Hayabusa, Venum Fight and Bad Boy to name a few. Sao Paulo is one of the most populated cities in […]

Written by Phil Il January - 17 - 2014
muay thai combat mania yokkao 7 2014

Saenchai officially confirmed as the main event of Muay Thai Combat Mania #Yokkao7, the seventh event by Yokkao which will be held on February 19th at the Pattaya World Boxing Stadium. The opponent to be confirmed shortly. The date of #Yokkao7 has undergone a change from Friday the 7th to Wednesday, February 19, 2014 to […]

Written by Phil Il January - 12 - 2014
muay thai combat mania yokkao 6

Released yesterday the highlight video from Muay Thai Combat Mania #Yokkao6, the sixth event held by Yokkao at Pattaya World Boxing Stadium on January 3, 2014. This extended edition of the video has been made longer from the high demand by the fans and contains highlights from all the matches of the evening including Sitthichai […]

Written by Phil Il November - 20 - 2013
Saenchai MuayThaiGym

The third episode of Muay Thai Combat TV season 2 is now online! Saenchai like you’ve never seen him before: from the days prior his match and the fateful day of weighing in on the same day of the fight. In this video you will understand what is real life of Muay Thai, of sacrifices […]

Written by Phil Il November - 12 - 2013
Sinsamut Sor Klinmee

Sinsamut Sor Klinmee, the brother of Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee, will make his Yokkao debut in the ring on Friday the 15th of November in Pattaya during Muay Thai Combat Mania #Yokkao5. Sinsamut Sor Klinmee has 78 matches, 66 wins, 12 lost with 16 KO’s. A challenge has been set va Kom Kop Pecthroungrang, Pecthroungrang is […]

Written by Phil Il October - 25 - 2013
yokkao military team small

A few days ago, Yokkao anticipated the arrival of the new Yokkao Military Team, a team made up of special fighters, those with a military background. Yesterday on the Yokkao Boxing Youtube Channel the preview was released for the first two fighter who will be members of the newest of the Yokkao Fight Teams: Sittichai […]

Written by Phil Il October - 9 - 2013
stefania picelli muay thai reunion island yokkao

Follow the return of Muay Thai Combat TV! The first episode of the second series has been released today online at Yokkao Boxing’s YouTube channel. In the episode, Stefania Picelli arrives to a tropical paradise and begins preparations for Muay Thai Combat Mania Ile de la Réunion #Yokkao5, included watch the final selections of the […]

Written by Phil Il October - 8 - 2013
andrea masini muay thai

The living motto of Mickael Françoise is, “I will fight against all fighters who arise on my street”. This time at the center of his fighting journey there will be Andrea Masini, fighter at Yokkao Extreme 2013 as well as winner of Yokkao Extreme selections which last year assembled the best Italian fighters of Muay […]

Written by Phil Il October - 1 - 2013
yokkao cover iphone

The samples of the new Yokkao covers arrived few days ago in Bangkok for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. okkao is now receiving orders from a lot of fans. The new Yokkao Covers will be available for iPhone (4 & 5) and Samsung Galaxy (various models) in stores at Muay Thai Combat Milano, Venice, Republic […]