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Muay Thai Combat Camp: the first Camp with the best muay thai fighters in the world!!

Muay Thai Combat Camp
Lo spettacolo a Muay Thai Combat Fan Expo 2011

Muay Thai Combat Fan Expo will change to Muay Thai Combat Camp: the biggest Muay Thai Camp ever seen before with ALL the best Muay Thai Fighter.

attending is Stefania Picelli, promoter of Yokkao Extreme and official distributor of Yokkao Boxing in Europe:

“This year the Wellness Expo has been organized in Italy by the federations. We have received thousands emails asking if we’ll organize Muay thai Combat Fan Expo at the Wellness, as we did the last year. After Yokkao Extreme’s success, a simple stall would not be enough to contain all the people who follow constantly our activities.

Buakaw vs Saenchai: esibizione a Muay Thai Combat Fan Expo 2011

For this reason, with our sponsor Yokkao Boxing, we have decided to concentrate everything in a larger project: to make the first Muay Thai camp in the world with all the best fighters and trainers at the moment. However we will participate at the Expo without Yokkao Fight Team.”

Due to the amazing agreement with “Centro Vacanze” 4 stars ( , Muay Thai Combat camp will open for 6 weeks , from June the 2nd until July the 14th, in the Republic of San Marino and will give the opportunity for all the fighters in Europe to learn the real Muay Thai.

The idea is exclusive: never before has someone brought together all the best Muay Thai champions together to train with fans and local athletes.

At the Muay Thai Combat Camp you will find fighters like Saenchai, Sudsakorn, Pornnarai, Askerov and many others.
A final list will be made asap by Stefania.

La piscina del Centro Vacanze San Marino

The project provides weekly training packages with special discounts for accommodation in the Republic of San Marino.
Thai trainers and champions will be available for training, seminars and private lessons.

Everything will work like a real Muay Thai camp … maybe better!

Within the project there will be organization of events during the weekends, which will be called Yokkao Extreme pre-selection.

The pre-selection will be organized in tournaments through out the period of the camp and the winner will participate at the official Yokkao Extreme selection that will be held in Italy starting from September 2012.

If you will be interested in participating at Pre-selection, we kindly ask you to send your fighters’ portfolio at

Weight category allowed: -65kg, -70kg, -75kg

It’s not over yet … Stay Tuned!

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