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Houcine Bennoui replaces Damien Alamos who is “injured” for Yokkao 8!

Houcine Bennoui
Houcine Bennoui

Announced the day before yesterday: Liam Harrison vs. Houcine Bennoui set to be the main event for Supershowdown presenting Yokkao 8 on March 8th, 2014 in Bolton (England).


Damien Alamos and his trainer Rodrigo Alamos, signed a contract in October of 2013 with Supershowdown promoter Brian Calder to participate in the upcoming show to be held on the 8th of March in Bolton.

Team Rodrigo Alamos had become “known” after Azize Hlali (Team Alamos) withdrew from a fight against Saenchai at the main event of Yokkao 5, held on November 15th in Pattaya.

Liam Harrison sponsored by Yokkao
Liam Harrison sponsored by Yokkao

Rodrigo Alamos was contacted by Stefania Picelli who invited Damien Alamos to fight Saenchai at Yokkao 5, replacing Azize Hlali: Damien Alamos had refused to participate because at the time he did not want to fight in Thailand anymore (he fought after few time in Phuket…)

Now came time for Yokkao 8, Damien Alamos who had been training in Phuket, was contacted by the Yokkao staff to organize a photoshoot to promote the event. Yokkao staff planned to send the photographer directly to his gym in Phuket.

Upon contacting the photographer, Damien Alamos did not respond to his phone anymore.

3 weeks has been sent a text message: Match canceled due to sore hand …

Damien first refused when he was afraid of losing against Saenchai? Now against Liam Harrison?

A famous promoter and figher manager teaches: “When a fighter wants to choose his opponent, he is no longer a fighter.”

We hope that this message gets through to all the promoters and fans.

Fortunately a back up was already planned, so when Brian Calder and Stefania Picelli who had previously already contacted Team Nasser-K, the team accepted making for the best on the square French fighter whom Stefania had already calloborated with, to host again the fierce Houcine Bennoui.

Houcine Bennoui and Liam Harrison were set to fight in England during November 2013, but the match jumped and controversy sprang a rivalry and desire for the two to compete. The challenge was launched and both have fully accepted the new match up.

“… I think Liam desires more to fight with Houcine Bennoui than against Damien Alamos. Houcine and Liam are two extremely aggressive fighter, this fight is destined to be one of the matches that will mark the history of Muay Thai in England,” commented Stefania Picelli.

Following a brief interview with Houcine Bennoui and Liam Harrison … stay tuned!

Yokkao Boxing Ltd.

Tickets for the biggest Muay Thai Show ever seen in UK that will be held on 8th March 2014 at Reebok Arena (Bolton) are on sale at www.yokkao.com/muay-thai-combat-mania.html

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