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Dzhabar Askerov to host seminar in Sydney (Interview)

Dzhabar Askerov vs Andy Souwer at Yokkao Extreme 2013
Dzhabar Askerov vs Andy Souwer at Yokkao Extreme 2013

Dzhabar Askerov will host a seminar tomorrow Saturday 10th at the SRG Thai Boxing Gym, the latest Yokkao Training Center and the first to open in Sydney, Australia.

Dzhabar Askerov Seminar
Dzhabar Askerov Seminar

The gym is fully equipped with Yokkao Boxing gear and will give the opportunity to their students to attend a seminar with champion Dzhabar Askerov, coming back from a series of striking victories including one against Andy Souwer at Yokkao Extreme 2013.

We asked the great fighter of Yokkao Fight Team a few questions before his seminar.

Staff: Hi Dzhabar, we know that you’ve already taken, with great success, a few seminars in Melbourne … what can we expect from your next seminar in the new SRG Yokkao Training Center in Sydney?

Dzhabar: Hi! The seminar is set to be around 2 and a half hours. At the start we begin with warming up, then we will move onto technique and after cardio work.

Staff: You lived many years in Thailand, can we expect this experience to be reflected in your seminar?

Dzhabar: The participants will have the chance to experience a mix between two different styles of training: Thai and Western. One question fighters often ask me, how is training in Thailand … during my seminars I do explain the difference between the two types of techniques and how I integrate them into my routine.

Staff: Very good, two seminars in one!

SRG Yokkao Training Center
SRG Yokkao Training Center

Dzhabar: Hahaha exactly!

Staff: What part of the seminar do you prefer?

Dzhabar: I really like doing combinations, because I get to see which guys desire to learn and above all listen … which nowadays is not easy to find.

Staff: What are your future projects?

Dzhabar: I’m planning a return to Thailand to train in preparation for upcoming major fights …

Staff: Well then keep us updated and Chok Dee for your seminar!

Dzhabar: Kop Khun Krap! Greetings to all the fans of Yokkao and Muay Thai Combat! See you out there!!!

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