Buakaw & Yokkao to build the new Gym in Surin village!

Posted by Phil On March - 19 - 2012

Buakaw and his Master

After being gone for a few weeks and re-appears on television declaring his abandonment of Por. Pramuk Gym, Buakaw had confirmed to take a rest period.

Buakaw's sister

Yokkao Boxing, few days ago launched this Flash News on Facebook: “Our sponsored fighter Buakaw is back! Today we are going to help him to build his new camp…stay tuned!”

Hundreds of fans have mailed Muay Thai Combat and Yokkao Boxing happy for the news.

Stefania Picelli, CEO of Muay Tyhai Combat and promoter of Yokkao Extreme, deal with Yokkao Boxing to help Buakaw building the new gym.

Yokkao Boxing sent an organized team to Surin, a team who’s working day and night with Buakaw, the superstar that no one could imagine he was going to build a camp alone.

Attending to Buakaw: “I need to build this gym by myself, for me and the children of my village.”

The decision of Buakaw to open a camp in Surin was dictated by the desire to bring the art of Muay Thai, the art that made him famous around the world, in a little known province of Thailand, opening the gym to all the children of the village, where Buakaw was born.

A desire that is becoming real, day after day.

Important moments during the camp’s construction in Surin when the villagers was made available themselves day and night to help Buakaw or when Buakaw planted the first pole of his gym with the same Master who trained him when he was a child. (first photo above).

News from Buakaw coming soon! Stay tuned!

Here’s below the photos live posted on Yokkao Boxing Twitter http://www.twitter.com/yokkaoboxing

12.00 Saturday 17th March: Buakaw thinking how to build the camp!

Buakaw thinking how to build the camp!

16.00 hrs: Work begin

Work begin

Sunday 18th March: 04.00a.m. Yokkao Boxing equipment arrival

Yokkao Boxing equipment arrival


Yokkao heavy bags

12:00 (+1day) Thai Boxing ring

Yokkao Ring

12.30 (+1day) Lunch time!

Lunch Time

13.30 (+1day) Work on camp’s roof

Work on camp's roof

17.00 (+1day) 50% of the roof completed!

50% of the roof completed!

Today: The roof is completed


Roof Completed

More pics live on Yokkao Boxing Twitter http://www.twitter.com/yokkaoboxing

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