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Fire and flames! Andy Souwer vs Dzhabar Askerov at Yokkao Extreme 2013!

Yokkao Extreme 2013: Andy Souwer vs Dzhabar Askerov

Few days ago Stefania Picelli (promoter Yokkao Extreme) and Yokkao Boxing stated the main event of Yokkao Extreme 2013 on Facebook and the news is going crazy on the web: Andy Souwer “Superpower” vs Dzhabar “Gengis Khan” Askerov will be held at Forum D’Assago in Milan on the 26th January 2013.

After coming close to the sold out at Yokkao Extreme in January 2012, the biggest Muay Thai and K-1 rules event in the world will

Andy Souwer "Superpower"

come back at Forum D’Assago (Milan – Italy) with a main event disputed by international promoters.

Long negotiations to bring to Italy the fight that many have tried unsuccessfully to get.

The two do not need any introduction: Andy Souwer, K-1 twice champion and running for the third title, has got an impressive records of 156 fights with 143 win; Dzhabar Askerov, Yokkao‘s fighter already seen in Yokkao Extreme 2012, continues his rising with a record of 102 fights with 73 win (37 won ky KO).

Stefania Picelli, event’s promoter, states: “..I’m glad to have Andy Souwer in Milan…Yokkao Extreme 2012 shaked the world, the 2013 edition with the main event Andy Souwer vs Dzhabar Askerov will get the fans definetely crazy…it’s a fight desired by many and preserved by both fighters and their managers for a special event that could give the due importance…”

Yokkao Extreme 2013 tickets will be on sale soon sale worldwide: on Yokkao website, on Muay Thai Combat website in the head quarter Muay Thai Combat Republic of San Marino, in all the stores Muay Thai Combat Mestre (Italy), Muay Thai Combat Milano (Italy), Muay Thai Combat Taranto* (Italy *from the end of September) and in the best gyms in Italy.

Here’s the link to buy online the tickets starting from today:

On Twitter Stefania wrote that she received already a lot of the requests…Fire and Flames!

Yokkao Extreme 2013: Andy Souwer vs Dzhabar Askerov


Saturday the 26th January 2013, Yokkao Extreme 2013, the biggest Muay thai and K-1 rules event in the world will be back at Forum D’Assago (Milan – Italy).
Don’t miss the opportunity to come and see the best Muay Thai and K-1 rules fighters!
To buy Yokkao Extreme 2013 tickets click here:
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