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Written by Phil Il March - 22 - 2012
muay thai combat camp 2

Muay Thai Combat Fan Expo will change to Muay Thai Combat Camp: the biggest Muay Thai Camp ever seen before with ALL the best Muay Thai Fighter. attending is Stefania Picelli, promoter of Yokkao Extreme and official distributor of Yokkao Boxing in Europe: “This year the Wellness Expo has been organized in Italy by the […]

Written by Phil Il March - 19 - 2012
buakaw camp 8

After being gone for a few weeks and re-appears on television declaring his abandonment of Por. Pramuk Gym, Buakaw had confirmed to take a rest period. Yokkao Boxing, few days ago launched this Flash News on Facebook: “Our sponsored fighter Buakaw is back! Today we are going to help him to build his new camp…stay […]

Written by Phil Il March - 12 - 2012
yokkao extreme 2013 2

  Over 5,000 congratulations e-mails received from websites and wondering if Yokkao Extreme there will be or not, we finally have the flash news: Stefania Picelli has signed Yokkao Boxing‘s contract for Yokkao Extreme 2013: Attending to Stefania: “…Yokkao Extreme passed through Italians Muay Thai and K-1 fans’ hearts, I couldn’t do the […]

Written by Phil Il March - 8 - 2012
yokkao milano 6

The matchmaking of Yokkao Extreme was really unique: best champions of muay thai and K-1 fought with spirit and determination, sparking fans to the stadium than ever before. – Vanni Fae’ won by points vs Lelio Ramunni The event began with Lelio Ramunni (Pro Fighting Santeramo) vs Vanni Fae’ (Be Cool). Ramunni has been shown […]